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I'm New...

Don't panic!

New to exploring the importance of Christianity

We all have questions about God, our lives and the future.  However, our resolve cannot be in ourselves.  We all have been shown how fragile we are. We'd love you to join us as we seek to explore and grow in our understanding of who God has revealed himself to be in the Bible.  Skeptics, seekers & the sincere are all equally welcome.  

There's no such thing as a perfect family.  At every stage we all face different challenges, questions and joys.  As we grow as a church family, we realise that we won't be the perfect family either.  However we want to encourage, equip and help each other together so that all our families flourish a little more whatever they are facing.  

Entirely new or entering a new stage of family life

New to the area

We love everything D13 (Howth, Sutton, Bayside, Baldoyle, Clongriffin, Donaghmede); the sea, the walks, our communities.  As a new church we also love collaborating with and contributing to the life of other churches in the area too.  But above all it is the love of God which fuels our passion to see everyone trust Jesus, family life flourish & lives filled with the sure & certain hope of heaven.


Being new we also love meeting new people too.  If you have been away for some time or if you are still planning on moving to the area please get in touch using the form below.  We want to welcome you and help you find your feet, not only in church life, but the wider community too.

...we're passionate about

  • faith in Jesus

  • family life

  • living together in the light of the future


Christ Church

North Dublin


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