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What denomination are you part of?

Denominationally we are aligned with the Church of Ireland.  Organisationally we are a trustee church overseen by the missionary charity Irish Church Missions.  However as you'll see we come from many different backgrounds and are determined to collaborate with as many like minded churches as possible.

Why Start Another Church in Dublin?

Primarily because existing churches simply cannot keep pace with the rise in population density.  Even if we had one hundred new churches we'd still need twice as many again.   Dublin is a growing city. It is growing numerically but also in diversity; culturally, ethnically, economically and spiritually. Whilst there are many churches in Dublin already, no single church can minister effectively to all the needs of a vibrant and growing city like ours. Therefore alongside other local churches and agencies, we want to meet the new challenges and opportunities for gospel ministry here in Dublin.  As we think about Church Planting both 'collaboration' and 'contribution' are key concepts.

Collaboration - Christ Church North Dublin is currently made up of a collection of people who have been raised up and sent out by other existing gospel-driven churches.

Contribution - As a new church 'plant' we want to seek ways we can contribute to the overall witness and ministry of other local, likeminded churches.  'Conflict', 'criticism' &  'competition' are words that people usually associate with anything 'new' but thankfully  as we begin this new adventure we feel there is an opportunity to see not only CCND bring a change for the better, but for other churches to be strengthened to do so as well.

Where do you meet?

Baldoyle Community Hall for a 12 noon start with coffee/tea & refreshments, then usually head out after in difference groups for lunch afterwards.

Is there a dress code?

No! Come as you are.

What happens when you meet for your service?

Our gathering usually lasts for 1hr.   During the meeting we major on Bible reading and teaching in an informal and accessible  style.  During the gathering there are Sunday activities for those in Montessori through to the end of primary school.  We also encourage one another by praying, with music and songs, and once a month (usually the first Sunday) we join together in Holy Communion.

Is there child care?

 YES!  We have no problem with lively children at whatever age!  We want everyone to enjoy life and think this best done together.     We also have a specific Sunday activities for  children in Montessori through to the end of primary school.  At Christ Church North Dublin we aim to share life together, and together invite anyone and everyone to join us, as we live in the light of the future already secured for the world by Jesus.  In addition to this we run a Tuesday evening for 4th, 5th & 6th class called "Salt" twice a month in Howth Presbyterian Church Hall and we are excited to be part of a youth ministry called 'Rooted' which meets every Friday evening in Malahide Presbyterian Church Halls from 7.30pm.

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