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We're a family and seek to provide a balanced menu that will allow us to grow and mature in our relationships with one another as we grow in our relationship with our loving Heavenly Father, by the power of His Spirit, into the likeness of Jesus, His Son.

Scroll down to find things happening over the next few months.


One of the most important ways to build any relationship is by talking.  This is the essence of prayer.  In CCND we recognise there are no experts and that we need each other to encourage one another in this. As we prioritise our prayer life together our relationships grow.  We normally gather twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays.

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This is a bi-monthly youth outreach to our local area for those in the upper years of primary school.  For more information, get in touch.  It runs every other Tuesday night during term time, from 7.15-8.30pm in Howth Presbyterian Church Hall.

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This is a bi-monthly teenage discipleship run in collaboration with other churches.  For more information, get in touch.  It runs every other Friday night during term time from 7.30-0pm in St. Paul's Youth Club, Donaghmede.


Hope Explored

Hope is central to all our lives.  It is central to the Christian message too.  Join us for three session (or as many as you can) on Thursday evenings (repeated on Friday afternoons) to explore the certainty of the Christian hope.  All welcome.

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Community Groups

Church is more than just a Sunday gathering.  It is about encouraging one another grow, supporting one another in difficulty and sharing our lives as they are changed by God's word.  For everyone in CCND, these groups are where you will have real opportunities to live out your faith in Jesus.

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Ministry Community Meetings

Living as a Christian in the real world presents some major challenges.  Ministry Community Meetings are here to equip and encourage you to be thoughtful, compassionate and consistent in how you work out your faith.  They will provide lots of opportunity to question, push-back, critique and listen as we explore together the complex issues of our day.  For this first round of MCM's we're looking at The Bible, marriage, sexuality, singleness and the church.  Back ground reading will include.

Is God Anti-gay (Sam Allberry) 

True to Form (issue 3 - Gender and Sexuality)

The Meaning of Singleness (Dani Treweek)

What does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality (Kevin De Young)

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely convert (Rosaria Butterfield)

The Secular Creed (Rebecca McLaughlin)

Strange New World (Carl R. Trueman)

The Plausibility Problem (Ed Shaw)

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Equipped To Care Seminar - Loneliness

Along with many other churches and christians around Ireland we are thankful to be served so well by those who seek to grow our capacity to be a church family together.  Here is the latest offering from 'Equipped to Care' - a biblical counselling ministry designed to strengthen and support churches to take the Bible more seriously in the way we live together.  This zoom seminar is on 18th May from 8-9.30pm and it's free.  

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Membership in May

Later in May 2023 we are planning on introducing and exploring what it means to be a member in CCND.  The plan is to have this on a rolling basis so those who are new can plug in at any time to learn more.


Kinfire in August

We are likely to have more occasions to get together as a church over the summer months but this is one event we really want to try to get to as a whole church.  If you need any sort of assistance in financially planning or organising logistics, please do get in touch.

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