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Searching the Scriptures 1-to-1

Knowing, enjoying and depending on God as he has revealed himself in the Bible is at the core of all our relationships in Christ Church North Dublin.


But the Bible can be a daunting book to read, whether you are new to these things or even an

established church goer.  


Inspired by the Apostle Paul's stunning description of the Bible as the actual word of life (Philippians 2:15-16) the intention behind this little project is simple.  We would love to grow (as we plant the church) a 1-to-1 Bible reading network, where God's word of life can speak directly to everyone involved.

The timing can be flexible, the content can be specific and the impact may be all the greater.

One Irish newspaper often encourages us that before we make up our mind we should open it.  Searching the Scriptures 1-to-1 at least gives you the opportunity to decide.


Helpful resources that we
sometimes use when

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The Word of Life Project
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