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For Such a Time as This

A local Christian singer/song writer has very kindly allowed us to share one of her most recent songs, as she reflects on our strange & troubling times

For Such a Time as ThisAnna
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For Such a Time as This

Lord for such a time as this
We ask that you speak to us
Through your holy word of truth
Turn our eyes and ears to you
Living word from ancient text
Revelations, promises
Breathe your breath on every page
For such a time as this

Lord for such a time as this
Stir within your church her gifts
Call us to the task at hand
Give us strength to firmly stand
Send the prophets and the priests
Warriors whose prayers won't cease
Those who serve and those who teach
For such a time as this

Lord in such a time as this 
Speak your words of hope through us
As we stand with those who mourn 
Speak your peace into the storm
Help us to be salt and light
Sunrise from the darkest night
Choosing faith not fear or sight
For such a time as this

You still the storm 
You calm the waves
We're overwhelmed 
But you will save

As with all media, please enjoy this and share it with others.  However no part of it may be reproduced, stored or copied without the prior permission of the artist.  If you would like further details please get in touch with us here at Christ Church North Dublin.  Thank you.

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